9 Important Factors to Consider While Choosing a WordPress web hosting

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WordPress is becoming an inevitable part of any blogger’s life. Therefore, choosing the host provider for WordPress is as important as your website. If you do not make the right choice, there are high chances that all of your blogs/contents go ahead vain. Also, it is necessary that, you make an informed decision rather than9124 choosing it just because your friend selected it. We know that, almost every Host provider gives innumerable choices, resources and attractive packages. However, it is at our hands to look out of the offers that they supply and choose sensibly. Here are few things that you need to keep in mind, before choosing a WordPress Host supplier.


1) Price:


Anything that is economic, attracts us. We eventually conclude buying the cheaper product/service. On the other hand, you should not jump into a conclusion of selecting a provider on the basis of price alone. There are chances that cheaper services may well not be of great quality and meet your requirements. Also, it does not necessarily indicate that the big name providers are always suitable. Examine all the features and the offers of all the providers and later compare the prices. This specific will help you to take an improved decision.


2) Preference:


It is a known truth that, each WP host provider, offers a variety of services and differs in characteristics. Not all the providers give what you want. You may have a set of requirements or preferences which matches with only some of the host providers. This way, you may easily shortlist the host providers.


3) Free of charge WordPress hosting:


Free WP hosting is a great choice of new comers where they can share the server space with someone else for free. To start with, it is good. Nevertheless, in a long run it is not suggested. Usually, the person/forum that delivers the free server space will not be reliable. There are probability of them putting their own advertising without your knowledge. Also, they might add some unnecessary text or images that will have no connection with your website. These services are highly unreliable as the free hosting can end at any point and the unhappy thing is that you can’t even question the individual or the forum about it. Thus, if you are really serious about page or website, do not opt free hosting services.


4) Consumer Reviews and feedbacks:


This factor is something you have to be very careful about. Nowadays, there are high probability of not having reviews in social mass media. So, try to read as many reviews as possible. Post questions in forums like Quora and get to know the honest reviews and feedback. Check if the host providers will get back to you in twenty four hours in case of any query or issues. This particular will help you in a great scale.


5) Load Time/Speed:


Currently, almost 90% of the providers provide 99% up-time. Nevertheless, there are only a handful of providers that load your pages in very few milliseconds. So, you have to go for providers that guarantee and provide speed.


6) Support and responsiveness:


Offering support and being available always is something you have to look for. Not all the companies are approachable and available 24/7/365. So, if you select, look for the platforms that can be contacted via various means like phone, email, chat and ticket submission.


7) User Interface:


This particular is something inevitable. Whenever you choose a host provider, it should be in such a way that you don’t call them every step in your setting up process. The user interface and the dashboard must be easy to use.


8) Backups and restoration:


Copies have grown to be a crucial part of any host provider. Also, it should be easy to restore data easily. Therefore, see to that, the host provider you choose allows automated backups and single click restoration.


9) Security:


Make sure your provider notifies you in case of security dangers (hacking) and also a high standard security system that monitors your site time and again.


Now that you have some idea about how to choose a WP host provider, it is you who has to make the last move.

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