Dedicated Hosting Services and Virtual Private Servers (VPS Hosting)

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Big websites must opt for dedicated hosting services.


Let’s just recap on the several types of hosting services that are available:


  1. Free web hosting – these are normally sponsored through advertising. A no-no if you are serious about hosting your website for business purposes


  1. Shared hosting – discussed hosting is the most frequent type of hosting available today. This really is most commonly used if you run a tiny website or are only starting out.


  1. VPS hosting (Virtual Private Servers) – this can be the poor man’s dedicated machine. With VPS hosting the hosting provider partitions one server into multiple private spaces. You are therefore still sharing a server with other clients, but you get your own private ‘slice’ of this server. This means that your website performance will not be damaged by the other clients sharing the same server since each client has his own digital private space in which they run. Clients that host on VPS machines therefore has access to the same form of services normally only afforded by dedicated hosting technology


  1. Dedicated hosting services are needed by clients with large websites that create high volumes of traffic. There are also some companies which need huge storage space, and are not willing to reveal space with smaller companies but with the price of hardware and hard disks flowing down in recent years, the more common reason to require a dedicated server these days are more to do with band width consumption and performance.


In both these cases, dedicated hosting providers the solution. Instead of sharing area on a shared storage space or even with a Virtual Private Server, you will lease an complete dedicated machine that is pre-configured for your requirements. Hosting companies that provide dedicated hosting are often larger plus more established than companies that just offer shared web hosting. Small web hosts often do not have the financial or technical muscle to provide dedicated web hosting.


Web hosting companies that make provision for dedicated servers need to make a considerable investment in hardware and software, and because the client has full control over what type of software should be run on these machines, the hosting company also requires more investment in training and skills development of their staff. The webhost also needs to make provision to stay up to date with the latest developments in hardware and software. The web web host therefore needs to update technology regularly to be able to provide state of the art equipment.


Remember that the features of dedicated hosting is that the client really does not control the hardware and basic software that’s needed is to run the machine, nor does the consumer have to use any technical resources to keep up the hardware and software – this is completely the duty of the dedicated internet hosting provider.


This is why dedicated hosting costs somewhat more than contributed hosting or even VPS hosting. The cost may range between $99 to $2500 per month depending on which webhost you deal with and with regards to the client requirements. The cost will also be determined by the kind of service contract that will be put in place between the client and the hosting company. Such a agreement is commonly called a Services Level Agreement and it also means out the requirements of the client to a low level of detail. These requirements normally cover issues such as bandwidth use, the required up-time of the server, scheduled maintenance slots and so on. The greater the required level of support from the hosing provider, the greater expensive the monthly rental contract will be.


Sometimes the client would do some of the management of the server himself (this is known as un-managed hosting). In this case the web hosting provider will only supply the physical server and system (e. g. network connection, storage space etc). Within this case the genuine management and monitoring of the servers will be the obligation of the client and also this type of dedicated web hosting should be on the cheaper side of dedicated hosting costs. It must be remembered then though that the client must make provision for utilizing technical staff to maintain the servers

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