How Shared Hosting Is Diverse from Dedicated Hosting

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When looking at a web hosting package you will notice that many web hosts offer shared or dedicated hosting. You may be wondering which plan you should use, and appropriately so. There are a few things you need to consider when deciding between a shared or dedicated hosting plan.




The first thing you are most likely to notice is the fact that dedicated hosting is much more expensive than shared hosting. With dedicated hosting you will have the whole server all to yourself and wont’ have to share it to user’s web sites. Obviously this is going to cost more since the hosting company can fit many sites on the server and get far more earnings by sharing the server.


If you are just starting out and/or a tiny business, it is extremely unlikely that you will need to use a dedicated hosting plan, unless of course, you are a control freak and want to control every little aspect of your web site.




When going with a shared web internet hosting plan you will be suspect to the business you keep. You should find out who else is sharing the web machine and be you’re your web neighbors are reputable upstanding people or business.


You don’t want to be on a storage space with spammers, scammers and hackers. This will only cause you grief in the long run by potentially rendering it more difficult to rank in the search engines as well as down time you might incur with your internet site heading down due to something one of your neighbors do.


You can certainly do an ip determine who else is on the machine you will be posting. If you don’t have this information up front just ask the web host to offer it for you. Most web hosting companies don’t want to web host spammers and scammers because of to having a bad reputation and they should not have any problem supplying you with the ip address of the server you will be sharing if you purchase a shared hosting account.




With a dedicated hosting plan, you have complete control over the server down to root access. In case you don’t really know what root access is then it isn’t something you are going to want to play with.


Suffice it to say that most users getting started will have a tendency to go with a shared hosting plan.


Usually you will only find large companies using dedicated hosting. Or people who just plumb don’t like to share or perhaps want complete control.


My advice to you if you are just starting out is to get started on off with shared hosting to get your feet wet and get familiar with your web hosting plan. You can always upgrade to a dedicated hosting plan later on in the future if your business outgrows your current shared hosting plan.

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