Managing Your Hosting Files with CPanel

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CPanel is a program that allows you to control your hosting accounts. CPanel is an extremely user-friendly program that can even be used easily by people who are not completely computer literate. The CPanel comes with some wonderful features which we will discuss below:


Resources for Managing Your web site:


Right now there are many tools available that can be used to manage your hosting environment. This is where all the data files and databases for your website will belong, and conveniently the CPanel will have a file manager. A few of the other tools on CPanel are Net Protect (. htaccess editor), the ability to change MIME types and also control over Custom Mistake pages. There are also redirects which will send a visitor from web page to another. This helps in the event that an old page has been renamed and the content has been relocated. The user might know the old address or link but the reroute will send them to the new page.


Control over Emails:


The email program on CPanel will help you to manage a number of email accounts. You will be able to add, change and remove passwords. There is the option of CPanel being provided by Webmail, which will make control of your email accounts easier. The Webmail option in your CPanel permits you to read your email messages through a internet browser straight online without Outlook. This specific is convenient for travelers and those who use more than one PC to access their email. There are a number various functionalities which you can access and keep, namely Auto Responders, Junk e-mail filtering, Email Forwarding and Mailing Lists, to name the basics.


Website Data:


This is a very useful tool for checking the efficiency and popularity of your website. There are various statistics deals available with your CPanel web hosting. It is possible to see how many unique visitors you receive on your sites, how many per day and you will also view the statistics over the period of a month or year. This assists you in deciding whether the number of men and women visiting your site is increasing. You can also see which keywords are being used that direct visitors to your site. This helps greatly with search engine optimization, and altering your site accordingly for better traffic. Some of the CPanel tools which will help achieve the statistical knowledge you require are the Webalizer web stats, the Analog stats, the Webalizer FTP numbers, the AWStats, View latest visitors, the View Mistake Log modules and View Bandwidth Usage.


Backup Functions:


The backup function of the CPanel is extremely important. It is very important backup information should there be damage due to the number of causes. The backup on CPanel will allow you to make copies of account files and directories. The backup menu is comprehensive and also allow you to download any computerized backups that were saved by your CPanel officer.


FTP Accounts Module:


This particular module controls all of your FTP accounts. FTP is the program that can be used to upload files to your server. With this module you will be able to control who has access to your site, and you should even be able to conclusion their session if they are busy on FTP. You will be able to add, remove and change passwords and there are also Anonymous FTP controls and the capacity to change the FILE TRANSFER PROTOCOL Login message.


Advanced CPanel Functions:


With CPanel you can add and remove subdomains, Subdomain Redirects and their statistics. There are many heightened functions on CPanel that is very useful to you when web hosting your sites. These include Pre-Installed CGI Scripts, the CGI Wrapper, a random HTML generator, a Superior Guestbook, and assorted talk facilities such as Coffee Chat, HTML chat and PhpMyChat. There are also Network Tools such as DNS Lookup and Traceroute. Your data source can be managed using the MySQL module as well as PhpMyAdmin.

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