What are Advantages of Using a Virtual Private Server?

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VPS or Online Private Server hosting is considered the most sought after hosting solution today. The virtualization technology employed in VPS significantly enhance performance and functionality of websites. In this hosting, a server is sliced up into multiple virtual web servers, and each virtual storage space acts as a dedicated server. Websites hosted on these servers enjoy all the characteristics of a dedicated server, but actually they share the server with several other websites.


A new VPS is ideal for businesses that need the control over their servers, but avoid want to invest in expensive dedicated server web hosting.


Dedicated server hosting needs you to become a specialized savvy. So people who lack in the area, shouldn’t go for dedicated server hosting. They can opt for VPS hosting instead. Although with all types of hosting systems there are some benefits and cons attached, Virtual Private Server hosting offer more benefits than shared and cost-effective solution than dedicated storage space hosting.


Here I’ll enlist a number of benefits of using a VPS hosting:


Main level access: Like a dedicated server hosting, VPS hosting offers you root level use of your storage space enabling you to control the whole environment of the server via a strong control and management screen. In addition, you can set up any third-party, open source, or commercial apps.


Scalability: For websites who are already established and will be certainly no considerable growth in the amount of traffic is expected, scalability may well not be of that much importance for them. Yet for businesses that are starting their online presence with hopes of growing it into something large, this factor must not be ignored by them.


Hosting your website with a VPS account means your environment is managed within what is called a container. Depending on the package you purchased, this container is allocated a certain amount of machine resources. The best part of this container is that it can easily and quickly be allocated more or less resources according to your requirement.


Stability & reliability: In contrast to a shared environment, VPS hosting is more secure and reliable. Because in shared hosting, most hosting companies over sell their servers and piling on as many as 1000s of customers on to a single server subsiding the reliability of the services. Also, your website’s uptime and performance can be adversely affected by other websites hosted on the same server.


On the other hand, websites managed on VPS are more stable and reliable. Handle panel available with this hosting helps streamline your business processes.


Flexibility: Virtual Private Server hosting offers you flexibility to customize your plan that suits best to your specific business necessity. It ensures you that you pay only so that you use, and not for the resources you’ll never need. VPS hosting gives you better control over your virtual server as compared to shared hosting.


Price effective: Hosting on a VPS account is much cheaper than that of a dedicated server that uses a physical machine. It costs you slightly over the shared server but offers benefits something nearer to an ardent server. Virtual Private Server falls between shared and dedicated server hosting. Given that several VPS can be provisioned in just a single machine, it reduces the costs of implementation for providers that is why they may be priced lower than dedicated servers. Therefore, VPS has now become an option for businesses for all size.


Green technology: Folks are more environment worried today, and thus, green web hosting and the employment of technology that don’t harm the environment, have been getting immense popularity for previous few years. It’s also important that you play your role in a bid to save the environment. As carbon emission in VPS hosting is very little, you can pat your back adopting earth-friendly technology. With dedicated machine hosting you are the sole user of that server, and hence the responsible for entire power consumption. Nevertheless, with a VPS, a sizable dedicated server is sliced up into several virtual conditions. By this way, many customers share the time of that physical server.

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